Welcome to Medicine Express!

Becoming a member of our collective is as easy as creating a MedEx account and verifying your Medical Cannabis Recommendation. Please feel free to call us directly with any questions. 

Founded in 2016, we aim to provide the highest-quality medicine to all of California's medical marijuana patients. We are medical marijuana patients ourselves and demand only the finest medicine for ourselves, our family, and our customers. We purchase directly from the growers guaranteeing taste and potency. 

We LOVE first-time patients! Let us show you how great our products and services are at MedEx! Every first-time patient receives and free gift! $35 minimum order for first-time patients. 

Our counselors deliver your medicine quickly and provide any additional information you may need to optimize your experience. 

We are Prop 215, H&S Code 11362.5 and 11362.775 compliant. All sales are final.