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Chocolate Bleezy

Introducing the latest in medicated edible treats. The Chocolate Bleezy stands in a class all its own. Contains 2 bars with 100mg thc each. These high quality candy bars are handcrafted and hand rolled using only the finest ingredients including Ghiradelli chocolate Planters peanuts, and caramel. This candy bar is sure to satisfy any palette with just the right amount of medicated Gourmet taste.

Korova - Chocolate Chip Dip 250mg

Our 5 dose Chocolate Dip is a stronger version of our chocolate chip cookie dipped in chocolate. 250mg THC **Korova brand edibles are exclusive to our delivery service

Korova - 5150 Bar

Korova's famous Fifty-One-Fifty Bar is a potent blend of our award winning chocolate chip cookie baked on top of our Triple Chocolate Brownie. 500mg THC **exclusive to our delivery service**

Korova - Black Bar

Korova's most potent product. The Black Bar contains double the chocolate and double the potency, a full 1,000mg THC. Recommended solely for those with extreme pain and a high tolerance

Korova - Saturday Morning

Our new Saturday Morning Cookie is a fruit rice cereal cookie with mini marshmallows. it conjures up memories of eating cereal and watching cartoons on a Saturday morning. ~taken from

Derby Bakery - Daily Double Peanut Butter Cups

Contains 4 peanut butter cups. 240mg thc per pack

Derby Bakery - Lucky Lemon Cookie

This cookie won 8th place at the Emerald Cup. Contains 160mg thc.


Vape Bulb

Universal Vape bulb. Add your own concentrate